A blog for budget savvy fashionistas!

me at audition

Me @ a reality show audition. Don’t laugh.



etsy shop pic

One of my projects


if you don't build your dream quote

One of my favorite quotes




Ever see something in a fashion magazine and think..I  need that. Only to look down at the price and go, wow, maybe I don’t need it..I think I would rather pay rent and have a roof over my head this month. Fashion is expensive! This blog is all about learning to sew and DIYing it! You might be able to even turn it into a profitable business. The skys the limit.


A little about me. I’m a stay at home mom blogger. I started blogging when I realized I wanted to share with the world the amazing deals that I was finding. I was couponing and getting a lot of free makeup, beauty products and a lot of free household products. So what started out as a couponing and money saving blog has now evolved.

I started sewing when I was just a little girl making Barbie dresses, about ten years ago I was going through a period of uncertainty and kinda feeling lost. I started sewing again after putting it on the back burner for years. A few years after that I started a small upcycled fashion line called Earth Angel Clothing. When I realized how much I was spending on fabric, it was either give up sewing or find a way around that. Instead of paying $7 a yard for fabric what I did was dismantled a bunch of stuff I no longer needed like sheets, dresses and t-shirts. See where there’s a will there’s a way, for every problem there’s a solution.

I already have a lot on my plate so I’m not sure how often I will be posting but I will be posting sewing tutorials. Like re-creating popular looks for pennies. I will be also posting my videos on one of my youtube channels Saving with Sandi. I go thrift store shopping about once a week as well and I will be doing clothing hauls. I will also post any amazing online clothing deals.


see my blog earthangelclothing.blogspot.com to see some of my projects


Stay tuned for more. I will be doing a giveaway soon to get the ball rolling!


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